Opera Solutions Big Analytics Tailor Made for SAP HANA®: Signal Hub™ Technology

Posted by Todd Higginson on Tue, May 15, 2012

Opera Solutions, LLC, a leading global Big Data analytics company, today announced the availability of its Signal Hub™ technologies and related applications, integrated with the SAP HANA® platform. SAP HANA enables organizations to analyze business operations based on a large volume and variety of detailed data in real time, as it happens. SAP HANA will be used in Signal Hub technologies to support predictive analytics delivered in real or near-real time.

Opera Solutions is one of the leaders in the area of advanced Big Data analytics, with over 220 machine learning scientists. The company's Signal Hub technologies use advanced machine learning techniques and proprietary ensemble approaches combining hundreds of models to extract predictive patterns, or "Signals," from Big Data flows. These Signals are used in its applications that bring an ongoing stream of machine-generated recommended actions to front line decision-makers, measurably improving businesses' productivity and profits. Signal Hubs are delivered "as a service" within a software licensed model or Cloud-based SaaS.

SAP HANA's capabilities can streamline Signal extraction and processing for Signal Hubs' computationally intense activities. In addition, the platform's Predictive Analytics Library includes advanced algorithms such as K-Means clustering, which run natively on the platform to enable real-time Signal generation.

"We focus on using the predictive information in Big Data to drive front line productivity improvement, and SAP HANA powerfully contributes to this effort," said Arnab Gupta, CEO of Opera Solutions. "By allowing us to keep both time series history and complex event processing in memory, it significantly reduces speed-to-answer and simplifies our own processing environment. Our advanced predictive analytics move far closer to being real time and on-demand," he added.

"By leveraging the simplification, speed and performance of SAP HANA with Opera Solutions' domain expertise in Signal Hubs, enterprises will have a very rapid path for turning high-volume information flows into enormous enterprise value," said Vishal Sikka, member, Executive Board, SAP AG. "Innovative companies like Opera Solutions are building unprecedented applications on SAP solutions. This enables complex analytics to be applied on massive amounts of real-time data, including unstructured text information, as the foundation to help businesses uncover new market opportunities."

Opera Solutions has been exploring use cases involving SAP HANA and Signal Hub technologies for global financial services firm Morgan Stanley, where Opera Solutions has previously installed its Wealth Management Signal Hub powering a range of investment management applications that are in use by the firm's 15,000+ Financial Advisors.

Jeffrey McMillan, Managing Director at Morgan Stanley said, "I see significant potential in using solutions such as SAP HANA together with Opera Solutions' algorithms. The ability to look at large quantities of historical data combined with on-the-fly real-time algorithms is going to be important for any business that is trying to make real-time decisions. In our firm, we are always looking for ways to drive better and faster decision-making. This type of capability has real upside for us, particularly in the more transactional aspects of our business."

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