Analytics: How to Predict Future Behavior

Posted by Alex Guazzelli on Thu, Jun 25, 2015

Signals empower us to predict the future by learning from the past. 

We all learn from the past. So if you failed a mathematics exam in school, you learned you had to study harder not to fail the next one. Events that happened in the past can be measured in many different ways. Measuring a past event puts it into focus. In data mining, this process translates into creating a descriptive feature to describe or tell a story about the past in some way, shape, or form.

We call these descriptive features Signals. Signals are the indicators extracted from raw data that have proven to be valuable for solving a particular problem. Signals can also be created from other Signals by transforming one piece of information into something more meaningful or interesting. For example, using the initial Signal extracted from raw data — in this case, a test score — we can create several Signals that capture past school performance in mathematics and science for a certain student.

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How an Integrated Data Analytics Platform Can Help Tear Down Silos and Spark Collaboration

Posted by Jon Lexa on Thu, Jun 04, 2015

Are your employees communicating effectively? Find out how one company got everyone speaking the same language.

The larger a company gets, the more siloed it can become, and relying on happy hours, retreats, or top-down mandates are not enough to break these silos down. No matter how hard leadership tries, people have a difficult time getting on the same page when they all have different business objectives. And no company is immune. Even Apple has struggled with silos. Steve Jobs, in an effort to deconstruct silos, set up Apple's headquarters to encourage "collisions," or interactions between people who may not have necessarily interacted. 

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3 Big Ways Analytics Will Improve Summer Travel

Posted by Sarah Anderson on Tue, May 26, 2015

Travel season is upon us, and what used to create excitement and anticipation now creates dread and anxiety. Flying is certainly not what it used to be, but thankfully, it’s also getting a little bit better, thanks to data science and advanced analytics. The world’s largest airlines generate and consume huge amounts of data on hundreds of millions of passengers, and that data is finally paying off for travelers. Of course, not all airlines use data the same way, and some of them hardly use it at all. But here, we take an inside look at those that do to give you the three best ways advanced analytics are improving the travel experience for over 200 million passengers.

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How Data Science Helps Ease the Pain of Flight Cancelations

Posted by Chunping Wang on Wed, Sep 03, 2014

We’ve all been there. That place in the airport where you’ve just learned your flight has been canceled. If the weather’s bad, you can understand and roll with it. But if it seems arbitrary and royally screws up your plans — well, that’s another story. As a customer, you wonder, “Why do airlines do this? And how do they decide that my flight is canceled when others are not?” But airlines are asking their own questions, namely: “We have to cancel X number of flights, but which flights should we cancel to minimize the loss of revenue and customer loyalty?” Here, we delve into both sides of the issue, and the answers should provide a little context — and hopefully quell the frustration for everyone.

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How to Future-Proof Your Enterprise to Handle Big Data Growth

Posted by Ben Weiss on Thu, Oct 17, 2013

Big data moves fast, but you can prime your company to always have the latest technology and ultimately grow with its data.

When you bring up the subject of Big Data, the conversation can go one of two ways: into the past or into the future. If the first question to come up is, “What kind of data warehouse do you use?,” you know you’re talking to someone living in the past. The new reality is that the demand for data storage is increasing much faster than the cost of data storage is decreasing, meaning enterprises will run out of affordable storage soon — if they haven’t already. A more forward-looking question might be, “What’s your plan to deal with the growing volume of data?”

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Gartner Names Opera Solutions Cool Vendor in Analytics for 2013

Posted by Sarah Anderson on Tue, May 14, 2013

We never really thought of ourselves as cool, but we're sure glad somebody does! Gartner, Inc. has named us a "Cool Vendor" in its Cool Vendors in Analytics, 2013 report. Each year, Gartner identifies a select number of new Cool Vendors in key technology areas and publishes a series of research reports highlighting these companies and their products and services. For the Analytics designation, Gartner evaluated dozens of potential candidates to whittle it down to five final designees.

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Opera Solutions Forms Strategic Alliance with LexisNexis® to Leverage HPCC Systems® Big Data Platform

Posted by Todd Higginson on Tue, Nov 13, 2012

ATLANTA, G.A., Nov. 13, 2012 — LexisNexis Risk® Solutions today announced that Opera Solutions, LLC, a leading global Big Data science company, has chosen HPCC Systems®, an open-source, enterprise-proven platform for Big Data analysis and processing, as one of the processing components in its Vektor™ Big Data platform. Opera Solutions, whose global customers are in data-rich industries, will leverage the HPCC Systems’ platform to rapidly process and analyze large internal and external data.

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QlikTech and Opera Solutions Partner to Bring Cutting-Edge Data Science and Machine Intelligence to its Business Discovery Application

Posted by Todd Higginson on Mon, Nov 05, 2012

NEW YORK, N.Y. & RADNOR, P.A., Nov. 5, 2012 — Opera Solutions, LLC, a leading global Big Data Science company, and QlikTech (NASDAQ: QLIK), a leader in Business Discovery — user-driven Business Intelligence (BI), today announced the two companies have reached an OEM agreement. Under the agreement, QlikTech's industry-leading in-memory associative search technology will be incorporated into select applications developed by Opera Solutions as part of its Signal Hub™ Suite and related Signal Apps.

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Digital Reasoning's Synthesys® Integrates with Opera Solutions Signal Hub™ Technology

Posted by Todd Higginson on Tue, Oct 23, 2012

NASHVILLE, T.N. & NEW YORK N.Y., Oct. 23, 2012 — Digital Reasoning™, the leader in unstructured data analytics at scale, today announced a partnership with Opera Solutions, the leading global Big Data science company. This integration will expand Opera Solutions’ Signal Hub technology to include unstructured text analytics from Digital Reasoning’s Synthesys, providing a comprehensive Big Data solution for innovative enterprises.

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Opera Solutions Leverages Pervasive Software Platform to Accelerate Big Data Analytics

Posted by Todd Higginson on Tue, Oct 02, 2012

AUSTIN, T.X., Oct. 2, 2012 — Pervasive Software® Inc. (Nasdaq: PVSW), a global leader in cloud-based and on-premises data innovation, today announced Opera Solutions, LLC, a world innovator in using advanced analytics to extract and use predictive information from Big Data, is leveraging Pervasive DataRush™ in its technology stack.

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